Stem Cell Treatment

Stem_cellWhen people in the United States hear, “stem cell treatment”, they often think of controversy. Thanks to confusion and overreactions, a lot of stem cell research using adult stem cells has been halted or waylaid due to controversies over embryonic stem cell research. Adult stem cells can be used for an abundance of treatments, but, thanks to these hold-ups, stem cell treatment – where available – is still very costly in most of North America and some European countries.

Stem cell treatment – or stem cell therapy – introduces healthy adult stem cells into areas of damaged or diseased tissue to treat the injury or disease. It’’s been proven to work wonders against certain cancers, heart damage, baldness, and even missing teeth and loss of vision.

Mexico and Panama are home to leading stem cell treatment centers. Let us be your liaison with these centers to help you find the right doctor or surgeon for the treatment or surgery that you need. With our help, you can get the best care and treatment in the world.