Why Us?

The field of medical tourism is burgeoning. More and more agencies are popping up, claiming that they have the solution for your health travel issues. So why choose Trip4Care? The short answer is, we’’re the best, but you don’’t have to take our word for it.

Experience and Dedication

The daughter of a renowned orthopedic and general surgeon in Spain, our founder was raised in a medical environment. With her dedication and zeal for health and wellness, and her experience in and around the medical field, she has brought together a team of experienced medical professionals committed to finding our clients the best care and treatment on Earth.

Custom Care

No two procedures are alike. We work with the highest-ranking medical facilities all over the world, and we’’ll work with you to find the best fit for your needs. We’’re a multilingual company, fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, which gives us the unique ability to better communicate with our clients and with medical experts the world over.


We don’’t let the “tourism” part of medical tourism fall by the wayside. While we pride ourselves on our liaisons with top-notch medical facilities, we’’re equally committed to finding and working with the best hotels, resorts and spas in beautiful locales. Whatever your medical procedure, we’’ll ensure that you spend your recovery getting the best care possible at the right price.